Over time the steel tube and outer steel braids in a flex pipe become worn from engine movement.

Did you know that part of every Level 1 Fitzway Courtesy Check is visually checking your car, truck, or suv’s exhaust when we have it up on the lift? When we are looking at the undercarriage of your vehicle we are checking for signs of wear, corrosion, damage from road debris, or other problems that may cause either poor vehicle performance or become a safety hazard.

New exhaust flex pipe compared to the worn one in the exhaust system.


Just beyond the exhaust manifold on your daily driver is a portion of the exhaust known as the flex pipe. It is located here to allow for the engine to have some movement during acceleration without pulling on the exhaust system running underneath your vehicle. The flex pipe is composed of a steel hose wrapped in a protective steel braid. Over time the strain of the engine movement degrades the hose and steel braid and it should be replaced before it begins to leak.

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