Tire Repair

What is Tire Repair?

Tire repair refers to the process of replacing a faulty tire with a new one or simply repairing a tiny puncture. While it sounds like a job anyone with two hands can handle, it’s recommended to go to a shop that specializes in repairing tires to ensure that you get your problem solved completely.

Why You May Need Your Tire Repaired?

Years ago, car owners frequently dealt with the superfluous hassle of repairing their tires due to the quality. Thanks to the manufacturers and present day technology, tires are meant to withstand even the worst conditions on the road. While this holds much truth, it is not uncommon for people to find themselves needing to have their tire(s) repaired due to weather or other hazards on the road.

How Much Will A Tire Repair Run You?

While a tire repair won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it will cost you a bit of your time. If you’re looking into having a puncture repaired on a tire, you’re looking at spending on average between $10 to $20 dollars. The size of the puncture makes a huge difference and will determine the amount you will spend on getting your tire repaired.

Important Facts You Should Know About Tires

  • While you can purchase your own kit and repair the tire on your own, it is recommended that if possible, you go to a licensed repair shop.
  • You have a host of options when determining a specific kit to fit your repair needs.
  • If your tire happens to endure sidewall damage, you should replace your time. Failing to do so can result in damaging your tire even further. Sidewalls cannot be plugged .
  • While repairing your tire at a shop will run you anywhere between $10 to $20, purchasing your own kit will cost you about $9. Depending on what shop, you might have the pleasure of getting your tire repaired free of charge.

What Process is Used When Repairing a Tire?

A tire plug is exactly what it sounds like; a sticky expandable plug that is inserted into the puncture in hopes of keeping the injury secure long enough for the tire to re-inflate with air. A patch is also pretty self-explanatory when it comes to description. Better known as a radial patch, this piece of material is used to seal up the damaged tire. Due to the heat caused by driving, the patch eventually melts into the tire completely erasing all notices of repair.

Most vehicles are equipped with a spare tire if you happen to be running on a flat. In some cases, you might have to go to your local car shop to purchase a tire depending on the circumstances.

The Difference Between a Plug and a Patch

While the plug takes less time and can be down without removing the entire tire in comparison to the plug, it’s more likely for a car owner to come back in a shorter amount of time for yet another repair after getting a plug opposed to a patch.





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