How often do you look at the owner’s manual of your daily driver? If you are like most car, truck, or SUV owners, you might read through it shortly after getting the vehicle and then typically twice per year to see how to reset or update the clock for either spring forward or fall back. 

What most are forgetting though is that the owner’s manual also has a table with mileage and time frame (usually in months) that covers the factory recommended items that should be either checked or replaced at that given time. Going above and beyond the routine oil change and into items like spark plugs, transmission fluid, and even air filters. 

Yes, filters, plural–most cars, trucks, and suvs have an engine air filter that helps to remove dust, pollen, and debris prior to the air entering the engine as well as at least one if not more cabin air filters that perform the same task for the passenger compartment. Typically these filters have a lifespan of between 12,000 and 15,000 miles, or generally once per year.  Some of these filters are reusable and at a service interval need to be removed and cleaned then placed back into the vehicle. 

Most cabin air filters are located inside the dash, typically behind the passenger glovebox in the front seat. As such they are harder to access during routine service and replacement recommendations are based on the mileage and service interval from your vehicle manufacturer. 

At Danny’s Fitzway every vehicle that is undergoing a service or diagnostic is recommended to have one of three levels of vehicle checks–Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (intermediate), and a Full Vehicle Physical (recommended at every major mileage service point–typically every 30,000 miles). Checking your vehicle’s engine air filter is  part of the Fitzway Vehicle Check and during a Full Vehicle Physical the mechanic will remove what is necessary to gain access the the cabin air filter as well. 

 So when was the last time your daily driver had the air filter boxes cleaned and new air filters installed? 



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