How often do you wonder about how your daily driver or weekend warrior vehicle handles? When your vehicle’s tires are not balanced they interact with the  road surface differently, and can create a noticeable bounce or vibration that you feel when driving at certain speeds. With every new tire that we install we utilize a specific computerized tool to measure the balance of the wheel and direct the technician to place wheel weights in appropriate places on the tire rim.

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Wheel balancing: the computer image shows where and how much weight to apply to balance the tire on the rim.

What about the inside of the rims? When was the last time you either had tires put on your daily driver or had them serviced? Over time the inner rim can accumulate grime and corrosion–that buildup can prevent a proper seal for the tire to the rim and lead to leaks or flat tires.

When we repair a tire or replace a tire, our technicians examine the wheel and rim for any corrosion or other damage. Corrosion like in the image below can be cleaned off and then the rim sealed for protection.

Notice the corrosion buildup around the rim of this wheel. Corrosion prevents a proper seal for the tire to the rim and can cause air loss.

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